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You'll also discover many regional and city-specific items, along with easy-to-use templates which allow you to customize or personalize our designs and products, if you don't find exactly what you're looking for. To find out more about any item, just click on its image or link in the blog below and you'll sail right to its product listing page in our full-blown FUNauticals gallery on Zazzle.

FUNauticals flash panel sampler

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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Look what just cruised into our graphic design armada.
You can almost feel the ocean spray and the wind in your hair
with our decal-shaped, eye-catching, splashy and fun blended
word USAIL logotype, chilling on an arctic blue background.
Now U look sharp and patriotic, whether you're sailing,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Luff is the Air

Some folks can't get enough of our Luff! So we've added a new variation
to our Luffers line with the introduction of Luff is in the air, featuring curving type rimming our popular orange colored sunset and heart shaped sail design, all set against a vibrant blue or black background giving the design a delicious pop!

We've posted a few regional specific samples from our NameDrop Nation section below. If you don't find your exact city or place name, you can easily customize by changing the name on an existing item, or you can always visit our Luffers product line home page and create your product using one of our templates.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Less is more Blu-Mist™ brand makes waves at FUNauticals

Thanks for asking, but no, our ship didn't get lost at sea. We've just been focusing on one of our other Zazzle galleries, Artful Animalz and trying to build it out so it will be as robust and see worthy as FUNauticals. But now we're pleased to announce the newest addition to our FUNauticals family of designs with the introduction of our Blu-Mist™ brand.

If you're a sailing fan, nautically-minded, or just have a keen eye for breezy cool design, you might recognize this graceful, minimalist, charcoal-style brush stroke suggestion of spinnaker sail, as our signature icon — a happy component of our online avatar. It's true. But now we've given it a well-earned promotion. Hey, sometimes there are little gems out there sitting right underneath your nose, and it just takes a while to sniff them out. Aah, nothing like the smell of salt air and sea foam on a beautiful day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CHEERS around the world - toasting in many languages

Our newest product line at FUNauticals, is CHEERS around the world,
a colorful, festive, graphical celebration of international imbibing,
and the many expressions used to toast and offer good wishes to,
and with, your consuming companions. Below are a few sample items
from the line. If you have a favorite expression or toast (suitable for
general audiences) and not listed here, we'd love to hear from you:

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ocean Glow — Fun stuff with maritime icons

Below you'll find a few favorites and best-sellers from our newest product line:

Affiliate Marketing & Promotion

If you like what you see in our FUNauticals gallery, and have a website, blog, or, do any email or online marketing, you can earn generous referral commissions by promoting our FUNauticals gallery and products, when you become a Zazzle Associate. Happily, it doesn't cost anything to join or participate. And you don't even need to open a Zazzle gallery. All you have to do is register.

How it works.
Once you register and create your Member Account, it's easy to create an Associate Account. Just log in and go to your Associate Account under myAccount in MyZazzle. Click "Create Account" and fill out the form....That's it. You'll receive your own special Associate ID# which you'll use to create special links. Each time someone clicks through from one of those links — which you'll post on your web site, blog, or include in your emails — and purchases anything from our gallery of over 1,000 products, you'll earn 15% or more.

Who should consider becoming an Associate?
Anyone who wants to earn supplemental income from FUNauticals popular sailing, nautical and active lifestyle themed brands and product lines — especially yacht club web sites
ship's store or chandlery managers; brick and mortar apparel, gift & souvenir retailers with a web presence; online only internet and email marketeers and merchandisers; other Zazzle designers with existing or future plans for energetic and robust off site promotional activity and venues.

Using your Zazzle Associate ID # you can create links to our: 1) FUNauticals
home page; 2) individual product lines; or 3) specific product listing pages.

Below are a few examples of how the url portion of your special links would look. The "x's" would be replaced with your Associate ID#, although the number of x's below is representative only, and will not necessarily be the same number of digits as in your associate id#.

FUNauticals (gallery home page)

Life's a Breeze™ (product line)

Yacht 2B Me Embroidered Shirt (product listing page)

Of course, you can embed the URL as a hyperlink or html reference string, and the result would appear as follows: 

or, with a site description:

Feel free to use any of the banners, one sheets or basic linking information below to promote, market or merchandise FUNauticals.

Name: FUNauticals

URL: http://www.zazzle.com/FUNauticals*

Description: A boatload of fun, fresh, sporty & classic sailing, nautical and active lifestyle themed customizable designs, gifts, apparel & accessories, including boat deck friendly ladies and kids Keds® shoes. Lines include: Life's a Breeze™, Luffers, Yacht 2B Me™, Ocean Glow, The Tot Spot, Skip Sayles™ and more.


Funauticals Banner (408x60)
FUNauticals Banner (408x60)

Funauticals Banner (359x52)
FUNauticals Banner (359x52)

Funauticals Banner (193x28)
FUNauticals banner (193x28)

Funauticals Small Square (125x108)
FUNauticals banner (125x108)

One sheet/flyer (8.5x11)
500x636 (for blog)

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, please email us at: FUNauticals@gmail.com

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